Overwhelmed and Under Motivated



I must be mad.

In my last job as a teacher, Professional Development is a given. There are literally DAYS full of it, and that’s totally understandable. After all, teaching is a profession and of course it’s important to be constantly up-skilling and learning different things….even on days where all you want to do is hide under the covers. I did it (sometimes reluctantly) because I had to. It was my job.

I haven’t taught for almost a year now and have been working exclusively on developing  Seven Oaks as a business rather than just a hobby. It’s been very slow going but I feel  like I’m sort of on the right track now. Awesome, right? Of course, right.

The problem is now that I’m trying to do so much. I’m doing challenges, I’m reading everything I can get my eyes on online to do with small business, marketing, sales and now email list building and blogging. I’ve always loved being a student so learning all this cool stuff is awesome, but when do you draw the line? I am signed up for FOUR webinars this week. It should have been five but unfortunately I had a personal appointment today which clashed ( as I type, my inner little voice is saying, “I should be able to make the next one….”). 

Every single day on Facebook I’m seeing promoted posts from business coaches who all seem to be saying very different stuff, making me feel like I absolutely MUST read this article, or sign up for this webinar, or take this class, or……

Oh my God. Let it stop.

  •  I feel guilty if I don’t sign up because “aww this person is just trying to make a living, just like me.”
  • I feel guilty if I sign up for something then don’t attend (yes, I’m in Australia and have been known to sit up until 2am to listen in to a webinar on using Pinterest for my business).
  • I feel even worse when I get to the end of a great webinar and then undoubtedly can’t afford to take their miracle course that will change my life and my business forever….
  • I feel conflicted and confused because what Person A said on her webinar is sooo far removed from what Person B said on his. Which one is the right one?!?

It’s crazy.

When does it get to the point where we as business owners have to say, “No.”

No more reading. No more webinars. No more feeling guilty because we’re genuinely so broke that we can LOVE the free content, then not be able to do any more than that even though we’d absolutely crush it if we could.

I’m certainly not taking anything away from the people who are really amazing at what they do. I just think I’ve signed up to too many. Today I got an email saying “Hi, I’m Sarah, __________ ‘s assistant. I see you watched his training video and we just wanted to say……..” I honestly can’t remember who he is, and I definitely don’t remember watching a training video from him! Oh dear. 

So, this will be my very last week of “just learning stuff.” I’m cleaning out my inbox and unsubscribing from the dozens of marketing gurus who I signed up to forever ago and never worked with. I’m making a committment to pick FIVE, and stick with them and their advice, and then mix and match it so that it makes perfect sense to ME. Enough with trying to implement a dozen or more different ways of doing stuff. It’s not working, and I’m overwhelmed and totally under motivated in my business. I’m not UNmotivated, because I’m here, and I’m showing up every day even when I don’t want to, and I’m doing what I need to do. I’m just not doing it well.

Time to change that, I reckon.


What changes have you made in your life lately that will help you in the long run? Tell me in the comments!








There’s first love, then there’s wire woven love….


I fell in love recently.

Not with a boy. I’ve been there, done that and I’m sure my husband would object rather strongly.

No. I fell in love with wire. I was bored with what I was doing with my jewellery and honestly, I think if I had to battle one more crimp bead I’d have strangled someone. I’d played with wire before, never successfully, and didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I ordered more.

My little package arrived, and I started….pottering. Cleaning up my work space. Tidying the bookshelves. Dusting. Anything to avoid the evil wire stuff that was staring at me as if to say, “Well, you ordered me. Now what?” I did this when I got my first boyfriend, too. I was young and the idea of even so much as holding hands gave me heart palpitations, so all of a sudden, I had too many books to carry, or had just painted my nails…or something. Always an excuse.

I knew I was just putting off the inevitable. Still, I pottered some more, until there was just nothing left to potter with.  With mounting anxiety, I picked it up and started to play with it. Suddenly it was like a lightning bolt had gone off under my ass and I was hooked. I loved the feel of the wire, how it moved, it’s shine, and the way it was slightly stubborn and I had to use my brain (and a little brute force) to get it to comply.

I started small: WireCoilRings_2




Consider it a first kiss.

Then, I went on to watching tutorials on YouTube to learn different weaves. When my little simple, craft wire rings started selling, I ordered raw copper wire and experimented with that. It felt even better between my fingers and needed even less cajoling…and I fell even harder in love with it. From there, I started purchasing tutorials from amazing artists like Nicole Hanna and Julie Hulick (I still say I want to be them when I grow up!). I took a bracelet course by the amazing Sarah Thompson and a cabochon wrapping course from Dawn Horner. I became obsessed. All I could think about was wire, and what it could do, and how I could work with it next.



By the time I  clumsily treated my first pieces with liver of sulfur, this had gone way past infatuation. It wasn’t even just lust. It was a full-blown love affair that now I cannot live without.

Change. It all came down to change and taking a little step backwards to realise that to make something work, you have to be completely, totally, irreparably  in love with it.

Welcome to my world of wire. I hope you fall in love with it, too.