Jewellery, Viruses and TV…

It has been a crazy week here in the SOHJ household!

First, we’ve been battling a nasty case of laryngitis that has cycled around the family at least twice already, meaning lots of missed school, Dr’s appointments, and laments of “Ohhhhh I’m dying!” in croaky voices between hacking-up-a lung coughing fits.


On the work front, I’ve completely rehashed my social media plan and am bullet pointing and listing my little heart out. I made some new pretties, this week too! Go me!

Wire woven bracelet with artsisan glass bead from the incredibly talented Australian artist genschi and Swarovski crystals. This one sold on my VIP GROUP yesterday.
This stunning tigereye cabochon is the star of this pendant which is topped with a lovely Sarovski pearl. It’s currently available on the website

So, there’s been a lot of sitting this week. I’ve either been on my backside blogging, social media planning, or creating while binge wathching stupid amounts of TV. I recently learned that they’re making a sequel to Prison Break. Yep, I think it’s awesome news, too! So naturally I’ve had to catch up on Seasons 1 – 4. I never actually watched most of season 3 or 4 when it was on TV here. Netflix is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?!?

This weekend there’ll be more blogging and planning and listing (I’m a sucker for a lovely list) and creating, in between my daughter’s gymnastics lesson tomorrow (IF she isn’t still sick, that is) and hanging out with the family sometime on Sunday.

My life may be hectic, but it’s pertty awesome.

See you next week!