If It Wasn’t For Those Pesky Trends….


I loathe the word “trend.” I hate the idea that something has to be “in” or “trendy” or “on trend” to be loved. I hate how they can confuse and misdirect customers into buying stuff just because it’s “sooooo hot right now!” Ugh. Yuck. Choose your own paths, my lovelies!

I read an article the other night from a monthly jewellery magazine that talks a lot about trends and fashion and whatnot. I read it to keep up with the industry and what’s happening, but certainly not for “what’s hot”. One particular thing struck me. Gary Ingram, the CEO of TheDiamondStore.co.uk, said,

“Fine jewellery transcends age and fashion.”

Now, while I understand that his business IS of course fine jewellery, meaning real gold, real silver, diamonds, and other things all sparkly and expensive, I think I’m kind of offended. No, not offended. Affronted, maybe? Why can’t MY designs transcend age and fashion? I think they can.

Also, why put jewellery that transcends age and fashion into an article about trends, which will have been replaced by something else next season?

Anyway, he went on to say,

Apart from looking luxurious and reflecting personal style, they make you feel loved and treasured. That’s the real beauty of timeless jewellery.

Umm….hellooooo?!?!? Why can’t my designs make the wearer feel loved and treasured? Do we really live in a society that has that mind set of “if it’s expensive, they love me.” I don’t know about you, but knowing that someone sat there for hours and hours weaving that wire in and out and in and out and crying over mistakes, rejoicing in the triumphs and literally pouring blood, sweat and tears into every absolutely handcrafted, unique piece means so much more to me than it’s pricetag. Actually, I’ve decided that I’m reframing this whole thing so that what he really means is “handcrafted wire jewellery is beautiful, timeless, and reflects personal style just as much as a diamond does.” There. That sits better with me.

Now, I admit, I have no idea how the Diamond Store UK makes their items. I certainly don’t want to take anything away from them because jewellers are, of course, amazing craftspeople. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if their stuff is handmade, but I can say that I’m positive there’s not a little person sitting there weaving wire for 10 hours a day. There are designers there designing and creating….and making the trends. But then, are they simply following trends that other designers have come up with?

Who makes these damn trends in the first place?!?!? Aaargh! And will wire woven art pieces ever really be “trendy?” Do I even want them to be? I kind of like the idea of going against the grain and creating pieces that are out there, doing their own thing.

One thing that Mr Ingram said that I really do agree with though was this,

The biggest thing in jewellery now is about making it your own by combining pieces. It’s not so much about specific design, because we offer a huge variety in terms of that, but more about wearability, collectability, and above all, being able to mix and match various items at once.

I’m using this point as a springboard into a range of very simple, stackable copper wire rings which will be coming very soon. Keep an eye on this blog for the release of those, and also on the website itself. They’ll still be “me” but in keeping with the collectability idea and the ability to mix and match. I love that idea…and I can do it without being overly trendy.